Family News

  • Time line change

    You may or may not know that the time line we are currently working from is 17 years after Breaking Dawn. This was in order to change Renesmee’s age for the relationship between Renesmee and Jacob to develop beyond the realm of friendship. However, due to a lack of recent events within the family we feel its lost its life and a dose of healthy structured drama is needed, also as the Cullen’s like the rest of the vampires don’t age, it would be unrealistic for them to be living in Forks for such a long period of time. Therefore, we have ultimately made the decision to take back the time line to ONE MONTH after the Volturi’s visit in Breaking Dawn. This will allow for awesome story lines to really come to life. Therefore non of the events that have taken place in the family previously will now be forgotten, what has happened are the events from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Here’s what you need to know!

    1. All Coven’s will be placed where they are situated in the books. Example: Denali – Alaska, Irish Coven – Ireland etc…
    2. The human residents of Forks are unaware of the Vampires and Shape shifters.
    3. We really need your help in getting this timeline change out there, therefore any RTing will be greatly appreciated
    4. The official time line change will occur at midnight EST on Thursday into FRIDAY MORNING. 29th January. We will also be announcing LOADS of members throughout the duration of Friday so keep your eyes peeled!We are currently wanting applications for; Quileute: Sam, Jared, Billy Black, Sue Clearwater

    Volturi: Many characters

    With these changes we will now have moderators. All are delegated to different areas, however all will be helping to moderate the twitter activity, therefore if you wish to know anything you may contact the Admin twitter via DM @TwiSagaCoven or characters @HisReason or @TouchTalker.  Moderators: @TwiSagaHeart , @AnthenoVolturi . Thank you everyone for the co-operation and we hope you’re as excited for the change as we are! Admins, Moderators and the whole of the TwiSagaCoven family!


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