We want you..

Hey everyone!

We’re still looking for many many characters including a lot of the wolf pack. We have BIG BIG plans to introduce non-canon characters* into the family once we have a few more members. Specifically Sam Uley. We’re really building up now and if you are intersted in entering the family with a non-canon character you can submit us your idea’s to TwiSagaCoven@Gmail.com. I know many of our current family members have ideas.

This is where we need your help, if you’re not interested tell a friend who might be, we would really appreciate it if you passed on the message.

Sam Uley: As Alpha of his pack he needs to be assertive and in command with a highly militarian styled ethos amongst his pack members. However we would see his softer side with his imprintee, Emily.
Think you could bring life to this part? Apply!

Once we have more of our base characters need we will be opening our family up to non-canon applications! We can hardly wait to do this so please, please, pease pass along the message or apply yourself as we would love to have you.

Thank you again,

TwiSagaCoven Admins and Family.

*- A non-canon character is a character which is entirely devised and created from your own imagination. Their background, personality and involvment in plots and within other coven’s. It is important to remember that they would have to follow the Twilight Saga Dynamics. Example: If a vampire they would also not sleep and their skin would have the same effect as a canon book character when exposed to the sun. It should also be noted that if you are interested in Applying you would need to have a clear character idea and storyline for their entry. A vampire or wolf may not suddenly be apart of a Coven or Pack out of no where. There needs to be a build up to them joining a group of people. More information will be given when we create a page for non-canon application.


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