Canon Application

Before applying please ensure you visit and carefully read the Rules page. This Rules ARE enforced 24-7 and no exceptions will be made. If successful with your application you will be asked to read the rules again and leave a comment on the rule page saying you’ve read and agree to them.

Application form must be filled out fully otherwise your application will not be considered!

When applying please be sure to include:

1. First name, because its always nice to know who we’re talking to.

2. Either/or both Personal and Character twitter profiles.

3. Character your applying for

4. Character play by (the person you will be using to represent your character. Please note if the character you’re applying for is cast in any of the Saga movies you are required to use that person)

The Following Questions should be written IN character

5. Short Character Bio

6. Character Personality

7. If a Vampire, what is you ability? Please explain including strengths and limitations (Note that vampires that have no abilities in the Saga should only have standard vampire ability, unless you are applying for a member of the Volturi guard who’s ability is not listed)

The following questions DO NOT need to be in character

8. How much time do you have to devote to the family? (We like to keep the family active, therefore if you’re incredibly busy, this may not be right for you)

9. Email, we respect your privacy, but we do need a form of contact from you as we will send you a lot of information if you are accepted. The best idea would be to create an email for your desired character. For example our family email is

If you have any other questions you can email us, drop us a comment or DM an admin.


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