Non-Canon Application

Have an excellent character idea and plot line to fit in along the Twilight Saga format? Then bring your character to life with us!

What is a Non-Canon Character?:
The term ‘Non-Canon’ is in reference to an idea, pairing, plot line or character which was not promoted within the original text. For example, one of the Shape-shifters imprinting on a different person than in the Twilight Saga. This can be done to great effect with a well thought out character. Therefore if you were to create your own original and individual character, who was not featured in the Saga but abided by the set time line and facts, example: If you are interested in bringing a non-canon vampire into our family their skin would need to sparkle in sunlight, like the other vampires. If you need any more information let us know via email or drop us a comment at the bottom of the page.

How do I create my non-canon?
Everyone has different method’s of creating characters, but here are a few things to consider.
Are they Male or Female?
What you want your character to be. Are they human, vampire, shape shifter or another form of mythical being?
What kind of person are they? Develop a simple personality to start with.
Once you have a simple personality start thinking about their character traits. What are their opinions, what are their likes and dislikes?
Are they introverted or extroverted?

And so on…There are many websites that can help you with character building so it would be worth using your prefered search engine.

Please ensure you have read our rules page and commented on it before you apply. The application much be completed in as much detail as possible as we need to get a clear view of your character. Please try to have a story line ready to use with your character, this doesn’t have to be extremely in depth, however, your character will need a reason to be where they are.

Your Non-Canon Application Form should be emailed to

Non-Canon Application

1.Your Name:
2.Twitter account:
3.E-mail account:

Character Details:

5.Current Location:
7.Place of Birth:
8.Year of Birth:
8.Play by (The person you use to represent your character):
10.Twitter account:

About your character
The following Questions should be answered in Character
If Vampire-
1.Who sired you:
2.The year you were Sired:
3.Eye color:

If Shape-shifter-
1.Where does your allegiance lie?:
2.What age did you first begin to Shape Shift? :
3.What is you’re animal form?:
4.Description of your shifted form (Color of fur / eye color etc):

If any other mythological character-
1.What are you?:
2.Further information you feel is necessary:

If human-
1.Who are your parents:
2.Do you have any siblings?:
3.Do you have any Children?:

General Information

1.Personal history (Must be detailed):

2.Personality (Again, as detailed as possible):

3.Likes and dislikes (at least 5 of each)

4.Goals/hopes to accomplish (at least 2)


6.Special ability if Vampire, relevant mythological being OR human who will be later Sired as a vampire:

These questions may be answered out of character.

1.The direction for your character. Meaning; the Story of how they will become involved with certain people (Characters may not enter into the family randomly, there needs to be a clear entry and direction for them):

2.Why do you believe you would make a valid contribution to our family with your character?:

3.How much time do you have to RP within our family?:

Once again please forward any applications or questions to


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