The following rules are constantly enforced, with no exceptions and should be read before application.

1. Grammar has to be to the best of your ability. This means FULL and proper wording must be used at all times. No ‘u’ or ‘r’ to replace the correct word.

2. Swearing and other profanities must be kept to a minimum, this is not a complete ban, but constant bad language for no particular reason will result in you being removed from the family. Along those same lines, being sexually explicit (meaning more than anything pg-13) will get you in hot water quickly. If you want to get more into what is going on, take it OFF of Twitter. You can make your on chats or get on AIM and continue. It is not to be done publicly on Twitter in this Family.

3. Respect to other family members should be kept constant, we understand some characters are not supposed to get a long with others, or that it is in their nature to act a certain way but don’t take this to far. Bullying will not be tolerated

4. If you have an issue with another family member DO NOT voice your opinions in a tweet or to other family members. Contact an admin or one of the family moderators. (A list is available on the behind the characters page). If you have a family member constantly bad mouthing or gossiping about other family members, please feel free to have them contact us or tell us yourself and we can then contact them. There is no room for gossiping and back-biting here. This is a family, not a competition.

5. Talking to other families isn’t a crime and we have no problem with it. But if you do so rather than RP with our family you will be asked to mend your ways or leave. On that same note, please do not advertise for other families. We are in need of far too many characters to advertise for other families.

6. ANY major storylines (inc. Injuries, RP partners, marriage, pregnancy, newborns, nomads, pets, any other threat and high risk accidents) must be agreed with an Admin before you make any attempt to carry them out. Sometimes you may be denied what you want to do but the reason for this is so the family remains for the most part DRAMA FREE. All denials WILL be given a reason for the denial.

7. Out of character tweets are to be kept to the VERY minimum. If you need to speak with someone out of character DM them. When you’re leaving there’s no problem with telling everyone. Other than that, please take it to DM or AIM. This includes, but is not limited to, picture voting, “popcorn” time, and anything that is considered OOC (out of character). Followers are there to follow a character not you

8. We want to keep the family active, therefore we operate a Family Activity Check system. At the beginning of each month you are required to check in your character(s) on the family Ning site under each character profile. This can be found on the forum under ‘family forum‘. All relevant information on this is included in the ‘FAC discussion‘ found there. However, please note that failure to check in within the first 5 days of each month will result in your character being removed from the family. No exceptions.

9. Along side the previous rule if your character is inactive on twitter for over a week we will contact you about your removal from the family. Any absences extending a week must accounted for in the ‘family forum‘ under the ‘Absences‘ discussion.

10. Abnormal amounts of drama will also not be tolerated, this is supposed to be fun! Constant fighting or tattle-tailing or even being rude to one another in character (anything resulting in someone’s feelings being hurt) is not acceptable.

11. If you are applying with a non-canon character they must be original to this family. If your character is disscovered in another family you will be removed.

12. If there are any other issues not addressed here, DM an admin. DO NOT make your issues public…remember followers are there to follow a character not you.

If any of the above are broken, you will be informed by an Admin or moderator. You have 3 strikes, use up all 3 and you will be asked to leave. However if the admins feel they are unable to work with you or are not right for the family you could be asked to leave.


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