The Characters

Welcome to the character description page. Here you can see who plays who and learn a few extra bits and pieces which are individual to the twitter role player. Everyone has a personal touch to who they play and this is something we love to see…

The Cullens

Dr Carlisle Cullen, the head of the Cullen family was the son of an Anglican Pastor born in London in the 1640’s. His father hunted supposed mythical creatures like witches, werewolves and vampires and once he died Carlisle assumed his role.  One night he was attacked by a vampire and left to die. However he suffered the painful torture of the transformation and hid until his hunger became unbearable. He preyed on passing deer and realising he could feed on animals he committed his life to denying his want for human blood by becoming a doctor. In 1918 he changed Edward after his dying mother told him to do anything he could to save him, subsequently after this he changed Esme, who having suffered the loss of a child attempted to commit suicide. Soon after Esme’s transformation he fell in love with her and eventually married her. Carlisle also transformed Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen both being saved from death.

Esme Cullen is adoptive mother to Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper and Bella, a Grandmother to Renesmee and wife to Carlisle Cullen. She was turned after attempting to commit suicide due to the loss of her child and fell in love with Carlisle. She has unconditional love for all around her and is the maternal figure within the Olympic Coven.

Edward was the second member to join the Cullen Coven after Carlisle saved him from death when he contracted Spanish Influenza in 1918. Once transformed he found that along with a new appetite came new senses – he could hear everyone and not just when they spoke. Edward is described by Bella as being impossibly beautiful and often compares him to mythical Greek Hero Adonis. Unlike his siblings Edward has lived ten decades without a mate, but that was before he met Bella.

Formally Isabella Swan, Bella moved to Forks WA to live with her father Charlie whilst her Mother travelled with her partner Phil. Bella soon found that Forks had more to offer than she originally thought and she became infatuated with Edward Cullen who had something very different about him. Eventually his secret was out and after all the trials and tribulations Bella truly became Edwards soul mate.

Resnesmee Cullen is Edward and Bella’s half human, half vampire daughter and the imprintee of Jacob Black. Notably known as a “miracle” due to the circumstances she and Bella were in during the rapid pregnancy and has the ability to show people what she’s thinking with just a touch.
Emmett Cullen (McCarty)  Formerly Emmett McCarty in his human life,  was found by Rosalie after being nearly killed by a grizzly bear. She had seen the resemblance of her friends baby boy in him, and couldn’t stand to leave him there to die. He was taken back and transformed by Carlisle and soon fell in love with Rosalie whom he has married numerous times. Emm, is extremely strong, loves a good fight, has a childish sense of humour and has a bit of a style for putting his foot in his mouth and crude humour but is dearly loved by all.
Rosalie Hale (McCarty) is another member of the Cullen family and was originally meant as a partner for Edward but both only saw each other as siblings. She was changed by Carlisle after being savagely beaten by her fiancé Royce King and sought revenge on him and the others involved in her attack. Two years later she found Emmett who after being attacked by a bear was turned and became Rose’s soul mate. Rosalie has never been quiet about her not wanting the life she has now, as much as she loves Emmett and the rest of her family. She wouldn’t have chosen the life herself. That was her main problem with Bella.
Alice Cullen (Hale) Formerly Mary Alice Brandon in her human life. She knows little of her life before becoming a vampire. As she was placed in an asylum by her family for her “visions” when she was human. They thought her insane and abandoned her there. She was kept in a dark solitude cell, and was turned by a kind worker trying to protect her from James. Who we believe was after Alice as she was his singer as Bella is for Edward.  She has the ability to see the future, a need for speed and an excellent taste in clothes. She and her husband Jasper share their eternal lives together with the rest of her family and is desired by the volturi to join their coven.

Jasper Hale (Cullen) Formerly Jasper Whitlock in his human life, takes the same name as Rosalie as both are able to pass of as siblings. However Jaspers heart lies with his wife Alice Cullen and they share an exceptionally special bond. Jasper has the ability to alter and influence peoples emotions which often comes in handy, especially when the Volturi are around. They can also be a bit of a burden for him, as he effectively feels all the emotions of those around him too.  Jasper had an extremely harsh entrance into his eternal life, far beyond the normal burning days that all must have. He was turn by Maria during the Civil War, while he was a Major in the conferdate army in Texas.  He then went on to train her Newborn army. He soon fled with Peter and Charlotte and wandered as a nomad with them, until Alice found him in the 50’s. Then they moved on to find the Cullens.

The Quileute

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Jacob Black is a Quileute member and one of five shape shifters to imprint. He lives in La Push with his father and is best friend to Bella throughout the twilight saga and goes through a stage of loving her. This was until he imprinted on Renesmee Cullen in Breaking Dawn.

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Sam Uley is the leader of the La Push wolf pack. He was the first of the new wolves to become a shapeshifter and before changing was romantically involved with Leah Clearwater, his highschool sweetheart. After his transformation their relationship soon ened as he imprinted on Leah’s second cousin Emily. He’s the Alpha of the pack but not through blood as that role belongs to Jacob but was allowed to lead as alpha until Breaking Dawn.

Embry Call is another member of the pack and one of Jacob’s ‘wing men’. His mother was a woman of the Makah tribe, not the Quileutes; since the werewolf traits are inherited from father to son, he is therefore the half-brother of either Quil Ateara, Jacob Black, or Sam Uley. This causes some stress within the pack, since all of these men’s fathers were married before and at the time of his birth.

Seth Clearwater is younger brother to Leah and transformed during the events of New Moon. He idolizies Jacob and during Eclipse he helps Edward kill Riley, a new born in Victoria’s army. He is initially the only werewolf to feel completely comfortable being around the Cullen family. He also has, according to Edward, very honest and pure thoughts, something that endears him to the Cullens, and Edward in particular. After Jacob forms his own pack, Seth quickly follows. For most of Breaking Dawn Seth is Jacob’s second-in-command, until he is replaced by Leah at the end of the novel.

Leah is daughter of Harry and Sue Clearwater and sister so Seth. She’s most notably known as ex girlfriend to Sam Uley before he imprinted on Emily and the only female shape-shifter of the pack and to have ever existed. She’s feisty and protective over her little brother but holds up a brave face with Sam and Emily’s relationship as she suffers with a broken heart.

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Paul has a short fuse, often resulting in him changing to wolf form. He is one of the bigger wolves of the pack and was enraged when he disscovered Jacob had told Bella about the pack in New Moon. In Breaking Dawn he is shown to have imprinted on Jacob’s older sister Rachel, much to the annoyance of Billy and Jacob due to him constantly being at their home and eating their food.

Quil Aterea is best friend and second cousin to Jacob Black and was the last of his friends to start Shape shifting. Unlike many other of the Wolves he has always been happy to become one due to gaining back his friends and finally finding out what had been going on. His Imprint is Claire Young, Emily’s niece, Bella is shocked to hear he has inprinted on such a young child (two) however, Jacob informs Bella that there is nothing romanic between them and that he will be whatever she needs him to be, Brother, Best Friend, Lover. He was present at the Volturi visit in Breaking Dawn and later left Sam’s pack to join Jacob’s.

Jared is yet another shape-shifter and a member of Sam’s pack during Breaking dawn. He’s one of five of the pack to imprint and did so on Kim Connweller  a girl he sat next to in class and had no interest in until after his transformation.

Emily is Sam Uley’s fiance, imprintee,  second cousin to Leah and Seth Clearwater and aunt to Claire. Emily takes on role as pack mother and can most often be found cooking for them. She’s known to twilight fans as the “Wolf Girl” which is a line said between Bella and herself during New Moon.

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Billy Black,  is Jacob Black’s father, born and raised in La Push, and an elder of the Quileute tribe. He is described as being heavyset, having a wrinkled face and russet skin, in a wheelchair, and having black hair and black eyes. His other family members include his two daughters, Rachel and Rebecca, and his deceased wife, Sarah.

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Rachel Black is daughter to Billy black and sister to Rachel and Jacob Black. She’s the imprintee of Paul and somehow manages to control his short fuse.

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Rebecca Black is another daughter to Billy Black, Rachel’s twin and Jacob’s elder sister. She moved away from La Push to Hawaii after her Mother’s death and married a surfer. Now, Rebecca is back in Forks and is has found a whole lot more than she bargained for. Now an imprintee to Embry Call and without a husband a different future lies ahead..

Kim Connweller is the imprintee of Jared and Quileute member. She had liked Jared since being in school and was delighted when he imprinted on her after his transformation into shape-shifter.

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Claire is two year old niece to Emily Uley and Imprintee to Quil. It causes some ill feelings with Bella due to Quil’s imprinting but Jacob explains that there is currently nothing romantic about it, and that Quil will be whatever Claire needs him to be at each point in her life, whether it be a brother, a friend, a protector, or a lover.

Irish Coven


Siobhan, is head of the Irish coven and was another key member when helping Renesmee. Carlisle believes she possesses the ability to influence events taking place and will what outcome they will be.

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Maggie is a member of the Irish coven and has recently fallen in love with a human she turned, Ryan. She stood with the Cullen’s when the Volturi were threatening their livelihood’s and has the ability to detect lies.

The Denali Coven

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Tanya is leader of the Denali coven and much like the Cullen’s the Denali family only feed on animal blood. She’s originally from Russia and is refered to by Edward as a Succubus to which she replies the she’s original as she would once seduce men in order to drink their blood. Tanya is also known for having a romatic love for Edward and in Midnight Sun mistakes Edward’s visit as a return in affection when infact he’s trying to keep distance from Bella after their first encounter.

Kate is a member of the Denali coven who have a close bond with the Cullen’s. She lives with her sisters and mate Garrett in Alaska and famously stood by the Cullen’s against her sister Irana and the Volturi  during the confusion with Renesmee. Kate also has the ability to deliver electric charges, which helped greatly when Bella was learning to develop her shield.

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Garrett is originally a nomad and is said to have been created around the time of the American Revolutionary war. He stood against the Volturi and once defeated left with Kate of the Denali and became her mate joining her life as a vegetarian vampire.

Carmen is another member of the Denali coven and joined the sisters along with her mate Eleazar. She, like the rest of the Denali is a vegetarian vampire and is described by Edward as compassionate which is evidentially seen when she is a witness to Renesmee’s growth in Breaking Dawn.

Eleazar is able to detect other vampires extra abilities and was once a member of the Volturi. Soon after he left them he joined the Denali Coven and fell in love with Carmen, his now mate.

American Nomads

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Charlotte is an American Nomadic vampire who like Jasper was created by Maria but saved before her death by her now mate Peter. She’s not vegetarian but has strong bonds with the Cullen family and helped stand against the Volturi.

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Like Charlotte and Jasper, Peter was created by Maria. He saved Charlotte from her near death as a newborn and later went back to help Jasper, by this time, he and Charlotte had fallen in love. He’s not vegetarian but helped the Cullen’s and Wolf pack against the Volturi.

Mary is an American nomad. She appeared in Breaking Dawn to help witness against the Volturi. She is not known to have any special powers or skills, nor any mates.

The Egyptian Coven

Amun is an Egyptian vampire and the leader of the Egyptian Coven. Described as having dark hair and olive pallor, Amun is mistrustful and outspoken. He has an extremely quiet mate called Kebi and is the one who created Benjamin. He is very possessive of Benjamin because of his elemental powers, Amun has made sure Benjamin was hidden from the Volturi, particularly Aro, because he knew the Volturi would want him.

Kebi is an Egyptian vampire and part of the Egyptian Coven. She is extremely quiet and rarely talks. Her mate is Amun and he basically does all the talking between the two of them. Kebi is described as dark haired and olive skinned. She, along with her mate, leaves fairly quickly afterthe Volturi show up in Breaking Dawn.
Tia, is a small and quiet woman but is described as also extremely intelligent. Mate to Ben she has no other powers but stood by the Cullen’s in Breaking Dawn against the Volturi.

The Amazon Coven

Zafrina is a South American vampire who was a part of, and possibly the leader of, the Amazon Coven. She was a particularly talented vampire with the supernatural ability to create visual illusions. Zafrina was a friend of the Cullen family whom she pledged to serve as a witness of before the Volturi.

Kachiri is an Amazonian vampire who is part of the Amazon Coven along with Zafrina and Senna. She is described as tall and muscular with wild dark hair and long limbs. Kachiri was instrumental in helping Alice Cullen find Hulien and Nahual so they could witness against the Volturi.

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Senna is a member of the Amazonian Coven and is described as tall with long black hair. She is very quiet but stood by the Cullen’s in their battle against the Volturi.

Romanian Coven
Stefan is a member of the Romanian Coven alongside his brother Vladimir. He despises the Volturi and was present at the Breakin Dawn battle against them alongside the Cullen’s

Vladimir is a vampire of the Romanian Coven. He has blonde hair and dresses in all black. He seeks revenge on the Volturi. He and Stefan once ruled the vampire world thousands of years ago. They even told the humans in their city that they were vampires, instead of lying and saying they were saints (referring to St. Marcus Day in Volterra). Their castles were burned and their coven destroyed by the Volturi.


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Aro is the leader of the Volturi who are regarded as royalty amongst the vampire world. He has the ability to see thoughts past and present at a single touch, however like Edward he is unable to read Bella’s. He’s described as having papery translucent skin and looks as if his floating as he walks.

Caius was born about 1300 BC, and at some point became a vampire. He later joined the Volturi, along with Aro and Marcus. Later two female vampires joined the Volturi: Sulpicia and Athenodora, who both were cousins. Athenodora later became Caius’ wife. Some 2000 years before Breaking Dawn, he was nearly killed by a werewolf in a fight, and never got over it, so he hunted werewolves to near extinction.

As a result of losing his mate, Didyme, Marcus eventually became extremely apathetic. He voted against destroying Renesmee in an ‘almost bored fashion’, not even looking at the Cullen’s and their allies while doing so. The others of the Volturi seem to recognize this aspect of himself, as none of the Volturi reacted at all to his vote.
Sulpicia is Aro’s wife. She’s a member of the Volturi, and lives in Volterra, Italy. Her talents are unknown, and she spends most of her time with Caius’ wife Athenodora.

Athenodora is the wife of Caius and is a member of the Volturi. She lives in Volterra, Italy and rarely leaves, even during important times of vampire history, such as the hunting of the immortal children. She only appears at the end of the Breaking Dawn, but does not say anything. In the book, it is mentioned that during the confrontation between the Volturi and the Cullen’s, that there appeared to be “two hooded figures, definitely women, flanked by two hulking bodyguard.” This was Sulpicia and Athenodora. They are important to the ancients, and therefore have to be protected.

Bella describes her to have a timid personality and notices that Renata has no blood lust or any desire to fight due to her ability to block someone’s physical attack. She is described by Bella as moving with Aro at all times. It is also described that her fingers are appeared to be sewn onto Aro’s robe.

Jane is a member of the Volturi Guard and has the amazing yet terrifying ability to cause the feeling of immense pain to any individual (other than Bella). She’s highly dangerous and this is seen in New Moon when attempting to use her power on Bella, however Edward not allowing this moves to protect Bella and in turn end up being under the full force of Jane’s power, rendering him to the floor in pain.
Alec is a member of the Volturi and is one of the highest ranked guards. He has a twin sister named Jane. Jane and Alec are the Volturi’s most offensive weapons, as they both withhold abilities to completely take down an opponent, regardless of size. Alec has the ability to cut off a person’s senses completely.

Heidi is another member of the Volturi and is said to be exceptionally beautiful. She is used to lure humans for the Volturi members to feed on and is seen doing so in New Moon.
Demetri is a tracker a million times more talented than James and Alistair. He is an immense threat towards the Cullens’ survival in Breaking Dawn, as he could trace any of them (except Bella) if they managed to escape during the confrontation with the Volturi over Renesmee Cullen. Demetri can not find Bella because his ability tracks down their mind.He is the best known vampire tracker.


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Charlie Swan is the father of Bella Swan and works as a police officer in Forks. His hobbies include fishing with Harry Clearwater and Billy Black, as well as watching various sports on TV. Charlie married Bella’s mother, Renée, just after they both graduated high school and they soon had Bella. Charlie is accepting of Edward as his daughter’s boyfriend, but after the events of New Moon he blames Edward for the deep depression that Bella went into after he left her. He reluctantly agrees to Edward’s and Bella’s marriage and is found to be romatically involved with widow Sue Clearwater at the end of Breaking Dawn.
Jessica Stanley attends Forks High School with Bella and the Cullen children. She tends to be more interested in Bella’s popularity than Bella’s actual character, and is sometimes jealous of Mike’s affections toward Bella. In an excerpt from Midnight Sun, Edward hears that Jessica’s thoughts toward Bella are actually quite rude, and that she only befriended Bella to share in her attention. She persude Edward Cullen but gave up soon after she disscovered he wasn’t interested yet is bitter towards Bella as she captures his attention.

Angela was one of Bella’s closest friends at Forks and is described as kind shy and somewhat insightful. She helped Bella large amounts during her depression in New Moon after Edward leaves and as a repayment it is revealed in the Midnight Sun extracts that he chooses to repay Angela by pushing Ben into a relationship with her when he was otherwise anxious to do so.

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Mike is a member of Forks High school along with Bella and the Cullen children.  He meets Bella on her first day of school and takes an immediate liking to her, however Bella and he and Edward are at constant battle because of this.  Mike then begins to have a relationship with Jessica Stanley another pupil at Forks High but its constantly rocky.

Lauren Mallory is the somewhat unfriendly, yet extremely popular girl that Bella Swan met at Forks High School. She is not featured in the films.

Much of the information was taken from a detailed and insightful information site on the twilight saga.


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